Practice Areas

Immigration 移民


Specialized in Family Sponsored Immigration, F-1 Student Visa, K-1 Finance Visa, US Citizenship Application, L-1 Application, E-1, E-2 Application, EB-5 Application, Immigration Office Interview

专精各类亲属移民,学生签证F-1,未婚夫妻签证K-1,美国公民入籍,国际跨国公司经理L-1,商业投资居留E-1, E-2,百万投资移民Eb-5,移民局面谈

Real Estate Law 房地产


Specialized in Commercial and Residential Lease Negotiation, Lease Draft, and Eviction Process.



Business Law 商业

Specialized in Company Set Up, Reorganization, Dissolution, Bankruptcy, Breach of Commercial Contract, Commercial Dispute, Breach Confidentiality Information, Unfair Competition


Estate Planning财产规划

Specialized in Will and Probate, Living Trust, Trust Management, Assets Protection, Real Estate Transfer, Probate Dispute, Property Dispute


Civil Litigation 民事诉讼

Specialized in Contract Dispute, Real Estate Dispute, Investment and Shareholder Dispute, Court Appearance, Appeal 



Family Law 家庭法


Specialized in Prenuptial Agreement, Postnuptial Agreement, Marital Settlement Agreement, Family Law Litigation, Spousal Rights, Assets Divide, Child Support, Alimony




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